Environmental Consultancy

Safe-T-Sociates Private Limited is familiar with the legal requirements and procedure for environmental studies and its approval as per Environmental Protection Act 1997 of Pakistan as well as with the policies and guidelines of international donors regarding environmental and social aspects of development projects.

Scope of Services:

• Terms of Reference (TOR) and Initial Environmental Examination (IEE),

• Scoping Document/ Terms of Reference and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA),

• Social Impact Assessment (SIA),

• Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA),

• Resettlement and Rehabilitation Plan (RRP)

• Environmental Monitoring

• Environmental and Mitigation management plan

Major thrust areas include the preparation of:

• Baseline Environmental Assessment

• Environmental Management Plan (EMP);

• Resettlement and Rehabilitation Plan (RRP);

• Environment Protection Plan (EPP);

• Solid Waste Management Plan;

• Occupational Health and Safety Plan;

• Compensatory Afforestation Plan;

• Review of Environmental Reports.

Major developers / authority’s guidelines, that follow during preparations are:

• Environmental protection agencies

• Asian development bank

• World bank