What is IOSH MS Course?

It introduces managers, at all levels, to the different aspects of managing safety and health in the workplace. It provides the knowledge and understanding to manage the health and safety issues within their responsibilities and reinforces why good health and safety is essential to performing their roles successfully.

Is IOSH MS is for Me?

IOSH Managing safely course is designed for anyone in a management or supervisory role, in any sector or country. The Managing Safely course provides the essential knowledge and understanding of how to manage health & safety responsibilities in the workplace.

Course Content:

  • Module# 1: #Introducing Managing Safely
  • Module# 2: Risk_Assessment

  • Module# 3: Controlling risks

  • Module# 4: Understanding Responsibilities

  • Module# 5: Identifying Hazards

  • Module# 6: Investigating Incidents

  • Module# 7: Measuring Performance


Managing Safely is assessed by a 30-question mixed format exam and a short practical assessment (a workplace risk assessment) completed at the end of the course. If you are studying Online your exam is online and the practical assessment is completed at your workplace.

Admission Procedure

  • For admission purpose, You can submit your desired information and required documents via link below:
  • https://forms.gle/hhCtjjoqT3HunPjh7

  • OR You can send at email at info.stspk@gmail.com OR Contact Our Marketing Representative.


  • Class Based Regular Session of 3 to 5 days (22 Hours class-based session).
  • Offered via Zoom or google meet session.
  • Submission of 70% advance fee.


• Enables you to assess and control risks and hazards

• Provides a full understanding of your responsibilities for safety and health

• Enables you to investigate incidents

• Empowers you to measure your own performance against good practice.


You can verify your certificate via Online link Or email to concerned authority.

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